Tuesday, August 17, 2010

syncing files with Dropbox

Yesterday I created an account with Dropbox, an online file-syncing and -sharing service that gives you 2Gs of free storage, with significantly more for a subscription fee. I work on most of my files on my MacBook, so syncing across multiple machines isn't a high priority for me.
But off-site backup is. Also, I am planning a collaborative project with a colleague in the UK, and it looks like this service enables us to access (and edit) the same files (rather than multiple copies of the same file). With Dropbox, you can also undelete files and access previous versions of files. This also isn't a feature I will use frequently, but those relatively rare instances when you do need to undelete a file (or to revert to a previous version), you really need to undelete. So there's a sense of security knowing that I can't accidentally scrub my lecture notes for this semester from my computer.

[HT: James McGrath]


lilkup said...

i love dropbox, good pick.

(btw, I would have commented on earlier posts, but the stuff you write about is too smart for me and I don't want to sound dumb in front of one of the smartest guys I know)

Rafael said...

Thanks for making yourself known, Mike. Just so you know, I covet your comments (your comments, not necessarily anyone else's). The only thing that sounds stupid here is silence. So speak up!!

My best to Amy.

David said...

Dropbox is wonderful. You might also try Google Wave, it does have an undecided future, but you can edit simultaneous and in realtime on a single document while having the ability to interact as well. Could be wonderfully useful. I have loved it and originally signed up for it as a tool to write a book with a friend.

Like Mike, I felt I could actually comment and not look dumb for once on your blog. Thanks for writing Raf! See you in a few weeks.

Jack Weinbender said...

I've been using Dropbox for nearly a year now, syncing between three computers and as many operating systems. Incidentily, if you invite others to join you get an extra 250MB for each sign-up. I've got 3.25GB now.

There is also a free iPhone/iPod touch app that allows you to view your files from there (even save some of them locally if you choose)--very slick.


Jack Weinbender said...

I'm less concerned with looking dumb.

Google Docs now has real-time (i.e. character for character) collaboration too, and its future is considerably brighter than Wave's.

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