Friday, August 20, 2010

do you Growl?

Earlier this week I mentioned that I began using Dropbox. But the next day I noticed that both my home computers displayed a notification that a "new version of Growl is available online." I've never heard of Growl; I certainly didn't know it was on my computers. After a quick search I found Growl's website, which prominently displays a link:

Something made me think others had experienced this, too. Apparently a couple programs install Growl without asking permission; Dropbox was the first of these mentioned. My question: Those of you who use Dropbox, do you also use Growl, or did you uninstall Growl and turn off Dropbox's Growl support?

7 comments: said...

Gowl is a very power and useful function. Something to seek out and get, not try to get rid of. I believe it is only available for a mac (I think) and it really helps with speech alerts. For example, you can have it say "you have new mail" and have it say that only when bob sends you mail, and can say "bob sent you new mail". There are all kinds of settings. It can make your skype chat, speak the words. It is one of the most powerful mac functions.

If anyone wants to know how and/or why you want it, feel free to contact me via or


l bRaN mUfFiN l said...

I use both Growl and Dropbox on my Mac, and I am very happy with both programs. Growl does an excellent job of displaying clean, relevant notifications for programs like Skype, Mail, and (of course) Dropbox.

To integrate the program with Mail, visit and download "GrowlMail," which will notify you when you receive a new e-mail message or RSS updated.

Give it a try before you uninstall.

Jack Weinbender said...

I use it. I think I first installed it with an edition of Skype-- but I may be wrong.

It's pretty light, and there are several apps that use it, whatever.

Jake said...

I use growl for IM notifications (through Adium, my IM program of choice for Mac) and for iTunes notifications (what song I'm listening to, etc). Its a good program - never caused any problems on my system, and it can be pretty helpful. Its worth playing around with it and configuring it to something useful to you.

Danny Zacharias said...

I installed Growl all by itself because its great for giving you non-invasive notifications from iCal and other supporting applications. Keep it!

Rafael said...

Thanks, everyone. I'm still not sure how much I need a program to deliver notifications, but given the unanimity of your comments I'm going to try it out.

News said...

Hey, no worries. I've got it (due to Drop box and some other things).

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