Monday, August 16, 2010

delivered today

The mailperson delivered today my copy of Louis H. Feldman's translation and commentary of Flavius Josephus, Judean Antiquities 1–4 (Boston and Leiden: Brill, 2004). This is the newest comprehensive translation of Josephus into English and complements rather than replaces the Loeb edition. I'm very excited to start reading this. You can find the series description at Brill's website.

If you feel compelled to purchase a volume from this series as a gift for me, please be aware that I'm seeking the paperback rather than hardback editions due to the price. I don't usually accept bribes from my students, but since even the paperback volumes are so expensive I will probably grant at least passing grades to students with enough chutzpah to slide one of these under my office door. I might even smile at you if you include a Kit Kat or Twix PB along with the book. Well . . . the grade and the smile aren't guaranteed, but you can try if you like.

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