Thursday, March 25, 2010

German grammar

I would appreciate some feedback here. Those of you who teach (or have taken) German for the purposes of biblical scholarship, Which textbook(s), online resources, or other resources have you found most helpful and effective?


Anonymous said...

I know I don't necessarily fit the category, but there are a few that have been helpful for me in learning German.

Books: April Wilson's "German Quickly" is probably the most accessible and easy to follow; Helmut Ziefle's "Modern Theological German" is helpful for dictionary purposes.

Websites:, which is basically an online book; has a great list of vocab; is good for practising reading from various authors and genres; is quite useful and interactive.

Other resources: for Mac uses (i.e. the chosen people), iFlash is very good and easy to use (

Rafael said...

Thanks, Carl. Very helpful. Brad Johnson had mentioned April Wilson's book, too.

Danny Zacharias said...

On deinde I have a list of German words in a spreadsheet I got from a supposedly forthcoming Theological German grammar plus others from another theological german vocab list given by my advisor by Carl Bangs. (although a recent change by socrata screwed up the umlauts). The docs link carl gave you is available on deinde too (I republished it with permission from harvard).

I tried but didn't really like April Wilson's german grammar. The one I'm slowly working through is from.

A guy named Eric Stancliff gave me a draft of a grammar he's written. I emailed him but haven't heard back lately but he was working on getting it published. If you found a way to contact him and emailed, he'd probably email you a copy if the publishing is still in process.

For what it's worth, I just uploaded a big deck of theological german to the iFlash deck library. I'll also put the text file on deinde for people who use other flashcard programs

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