Thursday, July 10, 2008

Something seems off here

This article pulls me in multiple directions. On one hand, I think Paul had something to say about brethren suing brethren. On the other hand, I would think any legal action Mr Lincoln takes against the church is a tacit acknowledgement (which is called for, in my opinion) that God was not behind his somewhat abrupt trip to the ground floor. On yet another hand (try not to do the math), the idea that other worshipers, who are similarly "asking God to have 'a real experience' while praying," should have been watching out for the consequences of Mr Lincoln's own such seeking strikes me as irresponsible. And, if I had a hand left, it would want to ask if Mr Lincoln had since decided that "a real experience" with $2.5M would suffice in the absence of theophany. I can't say I have very many sympathies for the charismatic interests of some of my sisters and brothers in the Lord (having come out of a charismatic background myself), but — in the absence of any other information — I would hope the court would support the church in this instance.

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