Monday, July 14, 2008

good news

Rumor has it that two area Starbucks are slated to be included among the 600 stores that will be closed, though neither of these are among the first 50 stores identified. The useful map here shows confirmed and rumored store closings (nb: neither East TN store is marked on the map). The good news: Seymour's Starbucks seems not to be on the chopping block just yet. Besides employing a number of fine students from the institution that issues my pay checks, this Starbucks provides a convenient and friendly location for off-campus meetings of variegated purposes. We wait with bated breath as this international cultural crisis takes its natural course.

UPDATE: The final list of 600 Starbucks that will soon be closed has been published, and the Starbucks in Seymour has been granted a reprieve. The local branch at I-40 and Strawberry Plains is on the block, which is too bad. But I'm pleased that our localest establishment will continue to provide employment and caffeinated beverages for our area.

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