Monday, October 19, 2009

request for suggestions

I'm looking to purchase some library management software, and I was wondering what people use, what reactions they've had to their software, and if you have any recommendations and/or things to watch out for. I've heard good things about Library Master, but it looks like that only runs on Windows. I do run Windows on Parallels, and if the best software is PC-only software, I could go that route. But if anyone has any suggestions for Mac OSX, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


metalepsis said...

I simply use endnote. I have created a separate library file for my personal library, with all the LC numbers of course!, and have ordered my books accordingly. I am a bit of a nerd! For mac I suggest chatting with Danny Zacharias, he is privy to all the mac apps!


Jake said...

I've not used it, but I'm seriously considering purchasing "Delicious Library" - its a Mac library program that can handle everything from books and music to tools and jewelry - just about whatever you want. And it can scan barcodes using your built in webcam - although I haven't gotten it to work yet with the preview copy. I suspect I'm doing something wrong. You can download a preview at their website - it'll allow you to input 25 items before you have to purchase it.

Rafael said...

Thanks, Bryan and Jake. Just for the sake of completeness, Carl Sweatman recommended Book Hunter, a free download from Apple, and I've received two references for LibraryThing.

Yes, Bryan . . . you are "a bit of a nerd." And while we're at it, could you please pass the masking tape? My glasses are breaking!

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