Wednesday, February 02, 2011

the first review

I received an e-mail yesterday from T&T Clark that included a review of Structuring Early Christian Memory: Jesus in Tradition, Performance, and Text. Daniel Frayer-Griggs, of the University of Durham, has reviewed my book for Theological Book Review, and he has had kind things to say. I've included the concluding paragraph of his review below:
This is a profoundly ambitious and highly technical work, calling for nothing short of a paradigm shift in gospels research. Rodriguez's discussion of social memory theory is highly suggestive and should enliven both gospels and historical Jesus research, and, while he is perhaps too sceptical regarding the existence of Q and the continued relevance of source and redaction criticism, his analysis of the relationship between orality and textuality is learned and illuminating.

Thank you, Mr Frayer-Griggs. I hope we meet one day.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the good review!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rafael, No way I can afford $140, but if you email me a PDF of the book, I would very much enjoy reading it.


Rafael said...

Rich, I don't have .pdfs of the final version of the book, but there is a fairly extensive preview available on the front page of the blog. I would gladly welcome any feedback from anyone who looks through the preview.

David said...

catching up on some of my blogs today and saw this. too cool. i think you should ask the man for his book so you can autograph it for him.

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