Monday, January 04, 2010

out last month

The December 2009 issue of Journal for the Study of the New Testament [JSNT 32/2] arrived in the mail today, though the website still has September 2009 listed as the current issue. The actual current issue includes the following articles:

All five essays look promising. I have half an essay on a topic related to Poirier's topic idling on my hard drive and waiting for my renewed attention. And given my current reading among the Apostolic Fathers as part of a revision of my History of New Testament Interpretation course, Garrow's essay piques another of my interests. I am also developing a graduate-level course on Romans (see Jipp's essay) and continuing to refine/develop my freshman-level Gospel Narratives course (see Shelfer's essay).

I'll try to add links to the articles when JSNT updates their website.


Carrie said...

Congratulations, Rafael! We're proud...;)

Rafael said...

Thanks, Carrie (Overdorf? Perkinson? The car from the Stephen King novel?)

Adam L. Bean said...

Congrats on the article Rafael. I'll have to go read that. For one thing it is much shorter than your thesis/book. And with the current economic situation, it may be a while before either I or the Emmanuel library can afford the latter.

Rafael said...

Thanks Adam. The book is pricey. I hope not to have that problem with future publications. Let me know what you think of the article (comments, criticisms, rude remarks . . . you know, the usual).

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