Monday, June 15, 2009

request for input

I've never read through an issue of Christianity Today, though it seems like I'm constantly seeing people refer to either the magazine or the website. My question: Do any of you subscribe to CT, and do you think it justifies the subscription price ($19.95 for 12 issues)?


metalepsis said...

Doesn't your school get it, just read it in the office?

I can't imagine it could be worth $20 though!



steve-o said...

While once a subscriber, I never will again. It just isn't worth it.

CT usually posts the previous issue online when the current one is released. I don't think I lose out by not getting it immediately.

Additionally, if you subscribe to certain theological blogs, they write about articles in the current issue. If it seems compelling, I pick up a copy at a Christian bookstore.

Jake said...

I subscribe through the church, mainly to be aware of what's going on in contemporary evangelicalism. Its a decent magazine that deals with religious trends and theological issues on a popular level. Assuming the school gets it - and I'd be shocked if they did not - I'd just check it out in the library.

I don't feel like I'm wasting my money. But I also don't look to CT as a source for deep theological reflection. Its good for what it is.

Brandon said...

I'd rather spend my money on Paste Magazine:

Rafael said...

Thanks to you, CT has just lost $20! I appreciate the responses.

Anonymous said...

Just follow CT online. You can find most of their content there, for free. Even at that cost it's not always worth the read :) I kid, I kid.

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