Wednesday, March 04, 2009

book notice

I was excited to read on T&T Clark's blog a pre-publication announcement heralding the imminent release of Minna Shkul's book, Reading Ephesians: Exploring Social Entrepreneurship in the Text. Minna and I did our PhDs concurrently at Sheffield, and I'm excited to see her work more widely available. If you only buy one book at the SBL 2009 meeting, it should be this one.

If you buy two books at the SBL, may I humbly suggest you pick up another volume mentioned in their pre-pub announcement? I recommend my Structuring Early Christian Memory: Jesus in Tradition, Performance, and Text. Note that T&T Clark's announcement ellides the last two words of my title, which I will read as a polite way of saying my title is too long. Also, it is interesting to see how another person summarizes my argument. For the most part theirs is an accurate description of my book, with one possible exception. I'm not sure I would have used the word obscured. What I would say is that social memory research has complicated the relationship between past and present. But overall I'm very happy with this announcement. Now . . . go and buy!

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metalepsis said...

Yea I think I will only buy minna's since she gave me a pdf. proof!

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