Friday, August 08, 2008

translating Genesis 1–11 [LXX]

I'd like to announce a new addition in the "collaboratives" section of Verily Verily's sidebar. I am currently developing a wiki that, I hope, will facilitate a community-driven translation of (portions of) Genesis 1–11 [LXX], including discussions of translational, linguistic, and interpretive issues involved in such a translation. This project is currently motivated by a seminar led by one of my colleagues on critical issues of Genesis 1–11, including literary, theological, and historical issues and expanding also to include issues of these chapters' reception, whether in the Hellenistic or modern eras (the LXX and a canon of Western literature, respectively).

The wiki is publicly accessible, but I have required a password in order to save changes made to any pages. If you're interested in participating in (rather than simply observing) this project, please leave a comment letting me know how to contact you and I'll send you the password. If you leave an e-mail address, be sure to leave it "in code" (e.g., rafael [at] yahoo [dot] com).

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